Thursday, June 30, 2011

2 weeks...they came and went so fast!

David went back to work this week after being off for  2 weeks.  It was sooo nice to have him home and I was  sad to see it end.   We didn't really do too much.  Went to Pahrump/Vegas for a couple days and went to the beach once, but other than that, we hung out at home and had a couple bbqs.  We also celebrated  David's  birthday and Father's Day while he was off. 

Even though it wasn't the most exciting vacation, I still loved every moment of it.  I love  love love having David around.  He is my favorite person.  I would so much rather do nothing with him, than something without him.   And I am so glad that he feels the  same about me.  What a blessing  it is  to be married to my best friend!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beach Day

Samantha has  been asking to go to the beach forever!!  I mean, FOREVER.  She starting asking last summer, but I was preggo half the summer and had a newborn the other half, so the beach was not exactly where I wanted to be.  Anyway, we decided to take the kids on Thursday because David was still off of work.  Besides taking 4 hours to get there (The 91 was at a dead stop!) and  it being a little cold, it was a good time. 

Samantha was so excited to build sand castles and collect sea shells.  She was not excited, however, to  go in the water...or even too close  to it.  Caleb loved everything about the sand!  He loved to walk in it, dig in it,  and of course, eat it.  Yummy!

We were only there a couple hours because it was getting cold, but made the most of our trip and visited David's sister who lives just a few minutes away. 

I love being able to  spend quality time with my little family. And watching  Sammie and Caleb as they discover new things is so sweet.  It's funny how simple things, like going to the beach, are so different and so amazing when you look through the eyes of your children.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Daddy Weekend

This passed weekend was dedicated to David.  On Friday, we celebrated his birthday.  The big 32!   His sister, Theresa, came up and watched the kids  for us so we could go out to dinner.  Of course  the kids had a blast.  They love their Aunt T.  And when we got back from dinner, David's parents came over from some cake and ice cream. 

On Sunday, we had our family over for a  little Father's Day BBQ.  It was a nice time and a nice day. 

There are so many moments in life when I  am just overwhelmed with gratefulness because God chose to give me David.  I could not have asked for a more perfect husband for me and a more amazing daddy for my babies. 

I love you David Fry!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I just had to post this Sammie girl quote before I forgot it....

Samantha  and I were at Kohls the other day  and she was being her normal busy self; walking away, touching everything, bumping into people and things.  I am starting to get frustrated with her when she runs over and grabs a mannequin's hand.  I tell her she needs to let go of the mannequin and stand next to me.  She replies....

"But Mommy, this is my real daddy!!!"

Haha...What was I supposed to say to that?!  I could only laugh and take a picture. :) 

A lil family time

Last weekend David and I took the kids to visit my dad's side of the family.  I think the last time I saw my aunt and uncle was like 13 years ago.  And everyone else, 20 or so years ago.  Seriously, Thank God for facebook, because if not, I never would have gotten back in contact with so many family members.  There was no real reason we hadn't seen each other, just never did.  Kinda sad huh?

Anyway, it was so good to see everyone.   Samantha  and Caleb had a blast, not only with their cousins they just met, but also with my dad, sisters, and  their kids.  

The Girls

The Boys

The Kids


Brothers (my dad and uncle)

Us with our aunt and uncle

Sammie, Mikayla and Emma

Looking for eggs

My uncle and aunt live in Pahrump, which is  about an hour outside of Vegas.  After spending the day with them, we headed over to Vegas, where we spent the  rest of the weekend.  Vegas is s uch a different experience when you go with kids!  We traded going out  to casinos for playing at the Adventuredome and going out drinking all night for staying in the hotel and throwing the  kids on the beds.   And of course, we traded staying out until 4am and sleeping in until 10am for being in bed by midnight  (although, I would have  preferred 10pm) and getting up at 7am.  Funny how  kids change everything. :)  I wouldn't have changed it for anything though. :)

The Adventuredome was fun.  Samantha got on her first ride without me or David.  A lil bittersweet.  I thought she would be scared, but when I told her I couldn't get on with her, She just yelled "OKAY MOM" as she and  her cousin Mikayla ran onto the rides.

How cute are they??

We stayed until Monday, but the rest of my family left on Sunday.  Since our nephew, Bennie, is on summer break, he stayed with us.  It's nice to be able to spend time with him, since we don't see him much anymore.  And he's a great help too! 

Before everyone  left, we had lunch.

And then after everyone left,  we headed to the pool.

After the pool, we went  to a  buffet for dinner.  And you know, you can't go to a buffet without getting dessert..

After dinner, we walked around a bit and went to watch the show at Treasure Island.  Sammie liked it at first, but when I saw this...

...I knew it was time to go. :)

Overall, it was a great trip.  Hopefully, it will not be  another 20 years before we see everyone again!  Maybe we can make it a yearly tradition??