Saturday, February 25, 2012

Living with zombies???

So, I am not that into zombie movies, but David is, so I will sit down and watch them with him....until it gets too creepy and then I go to bed.  Anyway, David started watching the new zombie show "The Walking Dead."  I watched an episode with him and I must admit, it was pretty good.  So, David decided to get Netflix to catch up on all of the shows.  I started watching the first episode and about 15 minutes in, I got creeped out and went to bed. 
The next day, David was telling me how good the show was and started telling me what happened.  He was telling me about a scene where a boy and his dad are hiding in their house, as zombies are outside.  The boy looked out the window and saw his mom as a zombie and started crying.  David then explained to me how when the mom became a zombie, the dad didn't have the heart to kill her. 
 At that point, I almost told David, in all seriousness,
"I want you to shoot me if  I become a  zombie."
Yup, for a split second, I thought we lived in a land where zombies walked the earth!! 
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you spend three straight weeks taking care of sick kids and getting no sleep.