Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thailand PT 1

Oh my, there is so much I can say about our trip to Thailand that I have not been able to figure out how to start this post.  I think, after like 5 drafts, that I am just going to do event by event. 

First, let's start with before my sister and nephew arrived, as they arrived 2 days after us.  We spent those days just reconnecting with everyone...well, my mom, Mikayla and I reconnected, David and the kids met everyone. :)  We spent some time going from one house to another, which was a little tiring, but well worth it to see everyone.

My uncle took us to a temple near the house on one of our first days. Obviously, everyone knows I am Christian and my beliefs are completely different from Buddhist, but I do think it is important for my kids to see things like this and I believe it is such a good learning experience.  And quite honestly, temples look really cool.  We watched as everyone put incense in and bowed to Buddha.   It was hard for me to explain to Samantha what they were doing, but I did the best I could.  And while most Thais are Buddhist, it was never expected of us to participate in anything at the temple. 

So, that same day, my uncle also took us to a zoo...a really cheap zoo, but a zoo nonetheless.  The kids had a  blast looking at the animals and feeding the deer.  They did get tired and thirsty pretty quick though, so we didn't stay too long.

My wonderful uncle also took us to a park the next day.  It was not the nicest part of town, but with that said, it was  not like what we see here in America.  People in Thailand are so friendly and they are perfectly content with their lives, whether they have money or not.  They work hard and you rarely hear complaining.  I think David said it best when he said it was a humbling experience.

There you have it.  Our first couple days in Thailand.  I left out the time we spent at home, but I will be getting to that soon.

And on a little side note, David and I expected Sammie to have a little trouble getting use to everything, but we were pretty sure Caleb would do fine.  But oh how our kids can surprise us.  Samantha adapted so well to everything and everyone.  I know part of it is because  her cousin, Mikayla, was there with us.  While they bring out the crazy in each other, they can also bring out the good.  Caleb on the other hand, had a harder time with everything.  He was so clingy and just wanted Daddy for the first few days.  He did get better as time went on, but it was so not what we thought was going to happen.  Silly kids!

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